Let's talk about the quality of our product first. We use a very heavy gauge of Vinyl. This causes 2 things to happen. 1. The covers last forever. 2. The heavier gauge allows us to print with more ink per impression. This makes the ads "shine" on the cover. The text quality jumps off the cover at you. This makes a very happy advertiser. It also makes sales much easier when your product looks great. Our competition's covers look faded and cheap. The colors are not bright. It's not a quality product.

Now let's talk about the advertiser's value. Our competitors put as many as 30-40 ads on a cover. They run them all together. There is no continuity in the product. It looks like a Where's Waldo puzzle, and your Waldo. We put 16 ads on a cover. 8 on the front 8 on the back. These are nice size ads. Depending upon the size of the telephone book, these ads could be very big. This offers the advertiser more Exclusivity. We offer special features on our covers like a Calendar and an emergency number section on the inside flaps. Our customers love these features.

The way we set up our distribution is the secret to our success. I cannot share with you this information until you sign our non-disclosure agreement. I can assure you that we flat wipe out the competition in every city we are located. We offer you a PROVEN SYSTEM!


The staff here at CCE knew that with 10,000 new people joining the Internet EVERYDAY, we had to be a part of it. Since we already are establishing a customer base in every city where we offer the Telephone Cover program, we thought the best way to sell the Internet was to do it at the same time. So we decided to ad even more value to our TC program by giving every advertiser who buys an ad on one of our covers a FREE ad exactly the same on the Internet. Did you here what I said? FREE! This is to introduce everyone of our customers to the Net. Now for our more Net wise customers we offer an even better deal. This is icing on the cake.

We will have every City, every Distributor, every Customer represented on this site. We have a marketing team that will be marketing this site to the world daily. This site will receive millions of visitors every year. Our customers will love it and so will YOU, the Associate.

Now, Do you think you can market our program? Want to know more about the OPPORTUNITY, TB COVER PROGRAM, or the TRAVELGUIDE USA? This is a very exciting opportunity for someone who is ready to work hard and finally reap the rewards of their efforts.

Won't you join our team? We are waiting on YOU!

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