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C & C Enterprises is one of the largest Vinyl Telephone book cover publishers in the USA. Product quality and customer service has always been the main goal of our company. Each new year brings hundreds of new customers to the C & C Advertiser family.

Our all new ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER PROGRAM is very exciting! We now offer a Home-based opportunity to Highly Motivated Entrepreneurs seeking to become publishers. This program will revolutionize the INDUSTRY as we know it. We expect to have 1000's of Associate Publishers very soon all across North America.
C & C PRODUCTS stand alone in the market place because of the Quality and our SECRET? Sorry, I cannot tell you the Secret unless you join our family. If you would like to find out more about the C & C OPPORTUNITY, just click and you will go ahead NOW!

If you would like to meet some of our Associate Publishers, you can visit them at their own PRIVATE PAGES. If you would like to check out the action, go to the MEETING ROOM and pick up a copy of the latest Newsletter. You might even pick up some Sales Strategies or see who is in The "Spotlight" this month as our Top Associate.


Welcome to C & C TRAVEL GUIDE USA. This is our all new INTERNET DIVISION. We are very excited to bring you this new way to Travel America. Every city that we do business in, we build a web site for that city. These CITY PAGES are listed individually. When you see a city that you would like to travel to, just click on that city. Because we are a member of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in most of the cities we do business in, you can find them on each city page. We are very proud of our C & C Distributors. Many of them are fine Resort Hotels and Condominiums. They also can be reached from the City Pages.

Every advertiser that places an ad with us in our Telephone Book Covers is AUTOMATICALLY given an ad on the city site where they are located. You can find them at LOCALS ONLINE. Some of them have Exclusive Web pages.

The Internet is the hottest communication media EVER! This will expose their business to Millions Worldwide as well as here in the USA. No company has ever offered what we now offer our customers. The best of both worlds, online and off-line.

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