Each year millions of Telephone books are distributed to homes and businesses through-out the USA. There are over 20,000 different directories. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 homes receives at least one phone book and every business receives one for each telephone line it has. People use telephone books. It is estimated the average phone book gets read 200 times a year. Hotels and Motels report that phones books are used more than any other publication placed in their rooms. Because of this high usage, books are often worn out before their time and become useless. Phone books are very hard to get after they have been published for a few months. You have to wait until the next printing. So protecting the phone books is VERY IMPORTANT. This is how the Vinyl Telephone Book Cover Industry got started.

In our Industry, "Anybody who's Anybody" might be in the Yellow Pages, but we believe "Anybody who's Really Smart" advertises ON THE COVER! We offer our customers the opportunity to reach people before they even open the book. Now, everyone can't be on the cover. So this is EXCLUSIVE Advertising. We can only put so many advertisers on each cover. Wow, what a deal! People love to use our covers! The C&C Covers are the best money can buy. The quality is unequaled in the Industry.

Are their other companies that offer the same product as we do. Sure their are. We don't have a monopoly. There are other companies. But when people see and compare the product, there is NO COMPETETION! Vinyl products are very expensive to manufacture. Many of our competitors are just not willing to PAY THE PRICE for the quality. We Do!

CCE is now expanding to many new markets through our Associate Publisher Program. Each new Associate can operate their business with the confidence that they are offering the BEST product in the INDUSTRY!

Won't you join our team? Are you ready to be on the WINNING team for a change? We would love to have you.